Hi, I'm RG.

I'm a Software Engineer based in Singapore currently writing code for Xendit.
Previously, I led the backend team at Eatigo.


I'm using this website as a command center for my digital life and as a way to learn new tech as they come. I'm calling it The Rocinante Project, with the end goal of having expertise on multiple web development stacks and not get overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. I'm blogging about the steps of building this website from design to implementation to both track my progress and as a way for others to learn from them. I believe in the value of not erasing our own learning arc by never feigning perfection.

01 September 2019

If you bought your custom domain from Namecheap years ago and never secured it with an SSL certificate, you will probably encounter this problem when you do try to buy one.

29 August 2019

The Rocinante Project aims to create a personal command center for my digital life. Professionally, it aims to be a showcase of what I can do as a web developer and as an observation of what I can’t.


In my free time, I read a ton of books ranging from contemporary fiction, narrative non-fiction, and the occassional young adult novel. My favorite authors include Jack Kerouac, Cixin Liu, Andre Aciman, Herman Hesse, and Ted Chiang. I'm aiming to have all of my book notes and highlights to be digitized and published here.

Latest Highlight
"But remember now: all love does ever rightly show humanity our tenderness."
At Swim, Two Boys

Jamie O’Neill


I also used to want to be a film critic but later realized that I'd rather be immersed in them. Films from Mike Leigh, Asghar Farhadi, Mike Mills, Edward Yang, Marco Berger, and Sean Baker have influenced my life deeply. So instead, I try to practice photography when I'm travelling. I'm hoping that through the act of turning the camera away from myself, like those films, I learn how to exalt the human condition.

Latest Photo
"fish as deep down as possible — understand"

Sony a6000 / Sigma 3.5mm f1.4 DC DN

I'm aiming to have all of my socials to be aggregated and displayed on this website. It is currently in active development and you can find the source code here. For the meantime, if you're interested in working with me send a message or follow me on any of the links below.