I'm using this website as a command center for my digital life and as a way to learn new tech as they come. I'm calling it The Rocinante Project, with the end goal of having expertise on multiple web development stacks and not get overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. I'm blogging about the steps of building this website from design to implementation to both track my progress and as a way for others to learn from them. I believe in the value of not erasing our own learning arc by never feigning perfection.

01 September 2019

If you bought your custom domain from Namecheap years ago and never secured it with an SSL certificate, you will probably encounter this problem when you do try to buy one.

29 August 2019

The Rocinante Project aims to create a personal command center for my digital life. Professionally, it aims to be a showcase of what I can do as a web developer and as an observation of what I can’t.

06 April 2019

All but one of the books that I read for February have a common theme: they're all written by Asians.

05 March 2019

This year, I'm attempting to read at least one book per week. Here's a review of all the books that I read for the month of January.

20 November 2017

Frank Ocean's 2016 album Blonde interepreted as a modern day bildungsroman.

18 June 2016

Pixar’s best non-Toy Story sequel to date builds on and transcends the original's themes by exploring what it means to be included.